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Creative Water Gardens That Will Inspire You

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 in Water Gardens

Building a water garden can be both difficult and easy, depending on what you’re trying to achieve and the scale of your project. Usually, we recommend hiring professionals to those who want to take on big garden transformations; this is especially necessary for those who want to dig a larger pond, or have running water to imitate waterfalls which you can purchase from the online gift shops for gardening fans in the most diverse and unbelievable array of shapes and sizes. And if you want your pond to be a plant-fish ecosystem, then you really need the help of someone who can create that habitat. Otherwise, you can do a lot of research and learn these things by yourselves from professional and reliable websites dedicated to gardening and garden accessories, but it can take a lot of time and you risk destroying your garden; for example, you have to know where the gas and water pipes are under your garden, so you can avoid them when you’re digging.

This article however is not about teaching you how to create a water garden, but rather about inspiring you to create unique and brilliant designs. This is because the design, the visual is what’s most important about a water garden, but wanting to do something unique can be a bit difficult, , therefore consulting the opinion of specialists in the field and seeing the large diversity water gardens on dedicated websites such as http://www.gardening-gifts-ideas.com is always a recommendable solution.  We have selected the pictures of a few creative water gardens to give you an idea of what other people accomplished; sure, it would be easy to take a design and follow it, but wouldn’t it be much more satisfactory and rewarding to create your own space? The whole point of a water garden is to relax, to confer peace and a meditative state, so it has to represent the person owning it.

Much like with Feng Shui decoration, creative water gardens have to reflect the owner’s personality and characteristics. This means you get to choose the size, the shape, the type of plants and flowers you want it to feature, and the overall arrangement of the garden. If you’re too insecure in your own knowledge about this, you can hire an exterior decorator or landscape artist and have them guide you through this process, showing you what your options are and helping you figure out what you want exactly. For example in the first picture, we don’t see a water garden per se, but rather a water container; what’s interesting about it is that it is made of wood on the exterior, although the interior is probably insulated.

With creative water gardens like this, on a smaller scale, what’s important is the diversity of plants; the arrangements you can see in the first picture and the last it’s not only about shape, but about diversity of size and color as well. Stone is an important element, and the owner introduced it here as well, to great effect. In the second picture, you see what is more like a classical water garden; it has a pond with waterfall effects, and there is a good variety of plants. We love the stone accents and the bluegrass, but the designer also made good use of color by adding flowers here and there. The wooden pathways add a nice touch to the garden, which ends up having Asian valences.

In the third picture, we wanted to show you one of the more different creative water gardens, where the owner made more use of stone and wood. This is a very geometrical garden, fit for modern homes with simple and minimalist lines. Although they only used one type of plant, what draws attention is the ingenious water fountain and flow, and the clean stones. As you can see, there are a great number of things you can do in a water garden, and that you need to let your imagination take you far away.