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DIY Patio Furniture for All Persuasions

Posted on Jan 1, 2015 in Featured, Patio Furniture Sets

Patio furniture sets can be really expensive, especially if you want something qualitative and good-looking. In fact, buying outdoor furniture is more of an investment, because you want to purchase objects that will last for years, especially if you don’t have storage space for the winter. But what about DIY patio furniture? Who says you can’t build your own chairs, couches, tables or bar sets? It’s all about re-purposing and imagination, and these are also the things which confer that originality and artistry to hand-made furniture. In what follows we are going to look at a few tips on how you too can make your own patio furniture with not that much of an effort or skill.

If you’ve just finished building or remodeling your house, then you’ve probably got lots of extra materials laying around that you’ve considered throwing away. Before you do that, think about whether they couldn’t be employed to create something totally new and useful. The best example are the pallets, these multifarious tools without which construction work would be much more difficult. Building DIY patio furniture out of pallets is not a new thing at all, and lots of people have already put them to good use. You may need to clean and paint them again to give them a better aspect, but this is quite simple and can make for a satisfying weekend hobby. A single pallet can become an outdoor coffee table if you add some legs (to give it the height you want), and if you want to make it look more special, then you can add glass or mosaics on the top surface. Garden decoration ideas like this are not hard to come by, and there are lots of cheap, yet ingenious projects out there that allow you to transform your garden and give it a specific character.

The same pallets can become benches or lounges; just push them to the back of the wall or fence, throw a blanket and lots of pillows, and you’ve got the most comfortable and bohemian relaxation space in all the neighborhood. If you like to read in the backyard or even take a nap from time to time, you can even make an outdoor bed from palettes. All you need is 4 pallets and a good mattress. Take a look at some of the top rated mattress 2015 reviews and pick a quality mattress. Avoid memory foam mattresses, as they are too expensive and they are not really suited for outdoors, since they can severely be affected by moisture. Instead look for spring mattresses. Contrary to popular belief, this types of mattresses are still being made, they are very cheap and some of them are included in the top rated mattress 2015 lists.

Make your own outdoor lamps out of jars and candles, and you set the mood for a party as well. If you’ve got some sturdy trees or pillars somewhere in the yard, then there is nothing stopping you from creating the most fascinating DIY patio furniture: a swing set. Just grab a pair of thick, resistant ropes, nail some planks together and paint them, and attach them to the ropes. Secure the ropes on the trees and pillars and throw a soft pillow over your new swing.

Cable coils can also be used for DIY patio furniture, and they instantly become tables if you turn them over. You can add a simple coat paint or, if you’re in an artistic mood, even dress it in fabric, paint patterns, add mosaics or some other fashionable design and the table is ready for use. Similarly, concrete blocks used for building can be used to make a bench. All you have to do is stack them against a wall at proper seating height; if you want, you can glue them together with cement, but if they sit well on their own you can just make a temporary bench out of them. Adding mattresses or pillows will of course be necessary, but if you get bored with the construction you can immediately tear it apart without any damage to the yard.

As you can see, DIY patio furniture is not that hard if you just put your mind to it and use your imagination. The examples we gave here are but a few of the ideas you could have, and they’re only meant to inspire you to come up with your own projects.