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Easy and Appealing DIY Outdoor Furniture

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in Patio Furniture Sets

Purchasing patio furniture sets is a rather big step because they usually cost a pretty penny and you want them to be an investment. Good outdoor furniture has to be not only appealing, but resistant as well, and the better the quality, the steeper the prices. This is why lots of people get interested in DIY outdoor furniture projects because it allows them to re-purpose objects and materials, or teaches them how to fix and repair broken patio furniture. So if you’re good with your hands and have a good set of tools, then there’s nothing stopping you from discovering a new hobby, or perhaps even a new talent.

Before deciding on a certain type of patio furniture, it is best if you first choose an overall garden theme. For example, if you prefer modern gardens with grass lawns and a few exotic plants, you should focus on some modern patio furniture. If you prefer a wild garden, you should buy or make some rustic patio furniture. No matter what style you prefer, you will find the following cheap diy home decor ideas to be very useful.

One of the most common ways of DIY outdoor furniture is to repair the furniture you already have; are there two broken chairs on your lawn? Combine them to make one good chair, by replacing broken pieces from the first with good pieces from the second; you can even add other materials which are around your garage. For example, if you’re good with sewing by hand or by sewing machine, you can make your own sitting pillows, and use them to rejuvenate old chairs and benches. Of course, buying new pillows is not that expensive either, but it depends on the size of your furniture and the number of pillows you would need. This cheap diy home decor idea will help you redecorate your garden with minimum efforts and costs.

Sometimes, all that is needed to bring back your furniture to life is a coat of paint; no task is easier than painting furniture, whether it’s made from wood, iron, or wicker. As long as you use the right kind of brush, and make sure you paint away from the house and other objects that could get stained, the results will definitely be pleasing. With DIY outdoor furniture, you can let your imagination run wild – don’t just paint the furniture, add some patterns, draw some likes or figures, some flowers or symbols that make it look original and daring. You can use duct tape to create lines and patterns on the furniture, painting over them. Otherwise, you can apply a new coat of lacquer and your furniture will look just as good as new.

The trend in DIY outdoor furniture is to use spare building materials to create chairs, tables or benches. For example, you can use cinder-blocks to build a couch-type resting place or a bench. You can make it permanent by gluing it with cement, or just stack the blocks loosely, so you can rearrange them when a better idea comes up; in order to make the bench comfortable, you can dress it in a blanket or cover and add lots of pillows. It is important to have special pillows for sitting and for the back rest, otherwise, the bench will be both cold and uncomfortable. Most of all, look for inspiration everywhere; the photos we chose for you can be very good examples, but you can also find your own and build something completely original.