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Great Money-Saving BBQ Ideas

Posted on Sep 8, 2014 in Charcoal Grill

Almost everyone agrees that the charcoal grill is the best way of cooking a barbecue, because the coals confer a special aroma and flavor to the meat, and because the heat produced by them is ideal. Moreover, everyone loves a good barbecue, and everything that it entails; family and friends gathered together, playing games, the meat sizzling on the fire, the cold beers and sodas, and the general good fun of preparing food in groups. One of the best weekend pastimes is having barbeques, or being invited at a barbecue, especially when the weather is nice. In order to make this experience even more pleasant for you, we are going to give you a few BBQ ideas that will spice things up.

One of the first BBQ ideas that we want to share is that you shouldn’t spend all your grill money on the meat; first of all, there are plenty vegetables and cheeses that can be prepared on the grill, and if you just expand your recipes, you can start improvising and cooking new things as well beside the common steak or burger. Moreover, if you’re smart about your meat choices, you can save money and get the same quality; an expensive porterhouse can be successfully replaced by a flank steak, boneless chicken breast can be replaced by thighs and wings, and seafood can also be an alternative, especially if you live in an area which produces them.

Another way to saving money on your barbecues is to revisit the old recipes and add new ingredients to them; this means you will use less meat, but add new ingredients which will give great taste to your food. For example, you can mix some cheese in your burger patties, or add cheddar to the middle of your hot dogs. One of the most unusual money-saving BBQ ideas is actually to cook more than you are going to eat; this means that you will utilize all the fuel – wood, charcoal, lighter fluid – that you place in the grill, and that you can eat the leftovers the next day. As long as you don’t prepare much more food than you need, your leftovers will definitely have success the next day because grilled food is good when reheated as well.

If you want to be a proper grill chef, then you need to start experimenting and creating your own recipes; if this is too far-reached, then use others’ recipes in order to save money. That being said, one of the BBQ ideas that we recommend is that you make your own sauces and spice mixes; when you want to rub a special mix on the meat, it is not only cheaper to mix it yourself, but much tastier, because the ingredients will be fresh. The same goes when you need a marinade, a sauce or some dips; they are always easy to do as long as you have the ingredients, and the fact that you can customize them to your own tastes is even greater.