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How to Equip an Indoor Garden

Posted on Dec 7, 2014 in Patio Furniture Sets

If you want to enjoy your garden year-round, we advise you to start growing plants indoors. Regardless of the season, a windowsill garden can provide you with healthy, organic foods, but it can also enhance your interior design and clean the air. Therefore, growing indoors can be very useful for people who live in an apartment, and for those who don’t have a convenient gardening area in their yard. So, here is how to prepare for growing an indoor garden, and what equipment to consider.

Find the right type of light for your plants

Everyone knows that plants require light to photosynthesize and to survive. Without getting the light that they need for the photosynthesis process, plants won’t grow any fruits or flowers, so they are useless. Here are the main grow lights that you can choose between when planning an indoor garden:

  • Incandescent Lamps can be found at any nursery or hardware store, and they are ideal for growing houseplants. Therefore, they can offer the same advantages for plants that are usually cultivated outdoors.
  • Fluorescent Lights are the best choice for growing plants that don’t need too much light, such as herbs. Therefore, we don’t recommend this type of light for plants that require more light to bloom. You can find them at any garden supply store.

Buy an infrared heater if you plan to have your indoor garden in the basement or garage

Maintaining an optimum temperature is essential if you want your plants to survive during the cold season. Furthermore, if you decided to have your indoor garden in the basement or garage, we recommend you to use an infrared heater to provide the plants with the same type of warmth that Mother Nature offers naturally. Giving that the heat released by an infrared heater is similar to the heat produced by our massive sun, you can be confident that you won’t have to worry about yellow leaves falling off. In order to choose the best heater for your indoor garden, consider reading some infrared heater reviews. You can find some amazing reviews on the bestheater.reviews website.

Nevertheless, heat alone is not enough as plants also require a specific type of light. In order to support your plants throughout the whole growing cycle, consider a full spectrum led growing light. This type of light can come in various shapes and systems but the best led growing light is the one that has at least blue and red light, if not a full spectrum light.

Aside from the light, you should also keep in mind that a lack of humidity in the place where you plan to have your indoor garden can negatively impact your plants. Therefore, it is recommended to mist your garden daily and protect them from the drying effects of winter. If you can’t find the time to do this on a regular basis, you should consider the idea of placing a humidifier in the room. The best humidifier will release moisture into the air, allowing your garden to expand and bloom nicely.