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How to Grill on Charcoal like a Pro

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 in Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grilling is one of the oldest forms of cooking, and it is practiced around the world. Keeping the meat or other foods in proximity to fire lends them a special flavor and aroma, and if that fire is powered by charcoal as well, then you can achieve great results with your food. Like we were saying earlier, grilling is a practice that surrounds the world, and all cultures grill in one form or another. Moreover, knowing how to cook your own meat is something essential in life, so in what follows we are going to show you how to grill on charcoal. Mastering this skill isn’t that difficult, and you just have to practice in order to develop your own tricks.

The first thing that you need to learn about how to grill on charcoal is that it is however a bit more difficult than gas grilling; this is because with gas grills, you can easily control the temperature and be able to follow a recipe as it should be done. Charcoal instead can be fickle, and you have to know how much of it to add for the quantity of food you wish to cook, or for it to last as long as you need. Thus, a charcoal grill needs your full attention, and you have to always keep an eye on it, making sure the fire is maintained, that the vents are in the right direction, or determining when the lid should be lowered and when it should be removed.

When you start preparing for grilling, here is what you have to do: first, make sure that your grill is clean; you should clean it after each use, when the grime is easier to clean, but only after the ashes have cooled off entirely. One way of ensuring that your grate is always good and ready is by scraping the food off it when it forms and, before adding new food, wiping it with a napkin dipped in cooking oil. This not only preps the grate for the food, but it gives it a little extra clean as well; never hold the napkin directly in your hands, just grab it with a pair of pliers or some other grilling tool.

If you want to learn how to grill on charcoal like a pro, then you should always be prepared; for example, make sure you keep a pair of fireproof gloves around, as you may have to touch several hot objects. You should also pick something that helps you light the charcoal, such as lighter fluid, or even some wood chips and shavings, just to get things going. But even mixing wood with charcoal for a grill is a good option, so take it into consideration the next time you grill. Place the grill in a safe spot when you want to use it, away from things which could easily catch fire, and on stable ground, so it doesn’t topple.

Be prepared to spend some time around the grill, because it will last longer than with other grills. A good trick for beginners, if you see that your fire needs kindling and more oxygen, get something like a paddle or even a sheet of carton and wave it over the charcoal, to send more air between them. Before you put the food on, make sure you’ve got everything you need at hand; place the food only when the charcoals have become ashy, or when they’re fiery red. If you quickly pass your hand over the grill, you should feel strong heat even from several inches high, and that is when the meat can be cooked. For other types of food, you will have to do more reading because, depending on the thickness and texture of the vegetable, it will need more or less heat.

There isn’t much more to say about how to grill on charcoal; you will get the hang of it as you practice, and the grill you use will also have a say in how you do things. Like with cars or other tools, they react differently, and you learn more about them as you use them. As for charcoal disposal, you should know that it can take up to 24 hours for them to cool off completely, or turn into ashes, so don’t throw them away immediately after you finish cooking. The best option is to wait until the next day, and only then dispose of them.

For the best taste results, invest in chemically-free charcoal, and avoid lighter fluid; an electric lighter or charcoal chimney are much cleaner, both for you and the environment. Good luck and good eating!