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How to Make a Charcoal Grill Menu

Posted on Oct 10, 2013 in Charcoal Grill

Everyone loves grilled food, even though not everyone loves doing the grilling themselves. What they don’t know is that they’re missing out on a lot, and that charcoal grilling can be a really fun and pleasant experience. For one, it can be much easier to cook on a grill than on a stove or in the oven; sure, things aren’t as simple as throwing the meat on the grate and waiting for it to get roasted, but if you plan everything ahead and know how to heat the coals, then you’re on your way to preparing a healthy and balanced meal. In order to help you do this and discover the pleasure of grilling, we thought of giving you a few pointers on how to make a charcoal grill menu.

What most people don’t know or realize is that a charcoal grill menu doesn’t have to be made out of meat alone, and that plenty other foods can be cooked on the grill to great results and delicious flavors. In a previous article, we were saying how grilling is one of the oldest cooking methods in the world, and that every culture has their own unique recipes for it. This can be a great starting point for creating a menu, because it gives you the option to search for various recipes without limiting yourself to what people eat in your own country.

That being said, a good and diverse charcoal grill menu has to contain both vegetables and meat; you will be surprised at how many vegetables can be cooked on the grill, and what special flavors they have. Even if you prepare a burger menu, you can still think of some vegetable garnish as well; leaving the common salad aside, you could add some grilled corn next to it as well. Corn is one of the most common additions to American meals, but plenty other countries use them as well. Boiled corn can be delicious, but grilled corn is divine! Just shove a stick into the ends of each corn and place them on a moderately heated grill; the sticks will help you twist the corn as it gets done. Thus, it should be removed when part of the rows get a brown color, but you shouldn’t wait any longer, otherwise they get burnt. The tempting smell will tell you however when they’re ready to be removed.

Mushrooms, onions and asparagus are three more vegetables that can compliment a charcoal grill menu. The mushrooms can be grilled just as they are, without any seasonings, and if they’re fresh the taste will be great. However, you can add a pinch of salt, some butter and chopped parsley and you’ve got a dish in itself. Onions can also be quite versatile when it comes to grilling; you can either take the sheets separately and grill them to add to your burgers, or you can try this special recipe: take a few large onions (the number depends on how many mouths you want to feed) and cut them on one side, like you were making a lid. Then, using a small spoon, scoop the insides, carving them like small bowls; be careful not to scoop too much, or you can ruin them.

Take the onion that you’ve scooped and chop it, and then mix it with chopped bacon which has been previously cooked. Mix that with a bit of butter, some salt and crumbled blue cheese, and then fill your onions with the mixture. Put their lids on and place them on the grill; they should be ready in about 30 minutes or so, especially if you use Vidalia onions, which is what’s recommended for this recipe.

As you can see, the world of grilling is a curious one, and there is practically no limit to what you can do and achieve with just a bit of imagination. And here you where thinking that burgers pretty much sum up what you can do on a grill, huh?