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How to Make Electric Smoker Ribs

Posted on Oct 21, 2013 in Electric Smokers

There are a lot of ways of cooking ribs, but as long as you’ve got a good recipe and the skill to go through with it, every rib recipe is delicious. The truth is that there are too many rib recipes out there, so it’s hard to determine which you could like best and which would suit your methods of cooking. We wanted to propose a recipe for electric smoker ribs, because this cooking appliance is a very useful and interesting tool that allows us to prepare foods in a special way. Moreover, ribs are a delicious part of pork, but only if you know how to prepare them well and how to get the best flavor out of them. Smoking meat is one of the oldest cooking traditions we have, and now we can perform it much easier thanks to the electric cooker and ready-made spices and sauces.

In order to demonstrate how you can make electric smoker ribs we’ve chosen a simple but efficient recipe; it may not be in agreement with traditionalist and purist smoking habits, but it gets the job done. The recipe in itself is relatively easy, but like most smoking recipes, it takes a longer time to reach finality. We will assume you already know how to use your electric smoker, that you’ve chosen your pieces of ribs for smoking and the spices and sauces that you wish to complete it with as well. When it’s done, your ribs will be both tender and smokey, full of flavor and simply the best thing you’ve ever tried.

The first stage of making electric smoker ribs is to season your meat with whatever spices you like; if you’re cooking ribs for the first time and don’t know what seasoning to use, you can find more information online. As for wood chips, we recommend hickory, maple, pecan, mesquite, apple, or whatever wood you have access to at local grilling stores. For this first stage, you’re supposed to leave the ribs in the electric smoker for three hours; you can just check from time to time that temperature and humidity are at normal levels.

After three hours have passed, remove the ribs and wrap them in tin foil; but before doing that, add some apple juice – preferably natural -, in order to ensure tenderness. Leave the ribs for two more hours, and then remove them from the tin foil. The final stage of electric smoker ribs is to leave them for another hour to cook, and this is when you can add some special sauce as well, either one that you’ve made or store-bought. If you’re not that proficient with your smoker, know that the ideal temperature is usually at about 220 degrees for most recipes. Use this recipe and your smoked ribs will be the tenderest, juiciest and most flavorful meat you’ve ever had.