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How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Posted on Nov 3, 2013 in Lawn Mowers

Being a hands-on guy or gal doesn’t take that much effort, especially if you like fixing things yourself and know that rewarding feeling you get when it was you and your skills which managed to repair something broken. Of course, it takes more than just skill and will to be a good fixer-upper, and you have to learn some basic things as well, depending on what kind of DIY job we’re talking about. In today’s article we want to focus on lawn mowers, and we’re going to try and teach you how to sharpen lawn mower blade for your own grass-cutting machinery. If you don’t have a lawn mower in your gardening arsenal, check out some cordless lawn mower reviews and choose a quality product. In case you do have one, you probably know that at some point or another, the blades start blunting. So the next time your lawn mower doesn’t cut properly, you won’t have to take it to a special service, you can just do the job yourself.

First of all, when you want to sharpen objects, the main thought in your head has to be safety; so put on some working gloves, and turn your mower upside down, so you can handle it better. If you want to sharpen lawn mower blade, first you must remove it from its place, by unscrewing the nut which keeps it attached to the mower. Depending on the type of mower that you have, you might need to sharpen one or two blades, but the process is the same. Now check the blade for any spots or rust, and clean them if necessary; for rust, you can use a steel brush, or steel wool if you have some. Rub it well until all the spots are gone and the blade is nice and shiny. This kind of maintenance should be done periodically anyway, to prevent further damage that could cause you to change blades too often.

Before you start to sharpen lawn mower blade, you must secure it in a fixed position; go to your working space or table and fix it onto a surface with a clamp, or something that keeps it in place. This is when you should be ready to sharpen the blade, using a file or a bench grinder if you know how to handle one. But first, you should watch some video tutorials on sharpening blades – of any kind – because you have to understand the process. Simply put, you have to follow the exact direction in which the blade was initially sharpened; so take the file in hand, and run it over the sharp edge of the blade, in the direction and angle you see.

In order to further perfect your method to sharpen lawn mower blade, pass it over a grinding wheel as well, to make sure there aren’t any ridges left from the file. You can also grind the length of the blade, to keep it in a straight position, but do it with a lot of care, otherwise you might damage it beyond repair. If you’re not so trusting in the steadiness of your hands, skip this step altogether, or just take the blade to a professional. Finally, make sure that the blade is balanced, and that there isn’t one side heavier than the other, or you’ll have to start all over. All in all, you’ve learned a skill that you’ll be able to use for other sharp objects around the house as well; nothing feels better than being useful. If this sounds like too much trouble, check out the latest cordless lawn mower reviews. The newest models have special technologies that allow the blades to sharpen themselves while mowing the grass.