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Smart Ways to Store Garden Tools

Posted on Feb 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

The main advantage of living in a home with a big yard is that you can grow a flower garden. Gardening is an activity which can help you beautify your yard, but it can also help you relax and get rid of the daily stress. However, the downside of gardening is that it requires a lot of tools. Storing the garden tools can take a lot of your yard space. However, if you organize your tools properly, you will save a lot of space and you will always find what you need in due time. Today we are going to teach you some smart ways to store garden tools.

Storage spaces

A tool shed is the best space for storing garden tools. Furthermore, a tool shed does not have to be visually unpleasant. On the contrary, by giving it a vintage, cottage look, you can actually turn the shed into a garden decoration. Just think about all the beautiful English gardens which feature a shabby chic shed in the background. However, if you don’t have the space for building a tool shed, you can store your garden tools in the garage. Just make sure to pick a part of the garage, which will only be used for storing garden tools.

Tool wall

Storing tools in boxes gives your storage space a neat look, but this is not the most efficient storage method. A tool wall is a simpler and more efficient way of storing garden tools. A tool wall should have a couple of shelves for smaller tools. The big garden tools should be stored directly on the wall by hanging them in some well-positioned hangers or simple nails. In order to stick to your organizing system, you should use a marker for drawing around the tools once they are hanged. This way, you will be marking the space of each tool, thus making it easier for you to store them when you are done using them. The tool drawings are also very efficient if you are not the only one using the tools.

How to store small tools

If you like the wall hanging system, you should use it not only with your big tools but also with your small tools. Just make sure that you establish the right space for each type of tools. For example, you can try a magnetic tool rack. Stick a long magnet strip onto a wood board and simply attack your tools onto it. However, avoid using the magnet for nails and other smaller tools as this will eventually invite chaos into your storage space. There are a lot of smart ways to store garden tools and they can be used for all your gardening equipment. For example, you can nail a bucket onto your storage wall and use it as a hose support.

The storage wall is by far the most efficient of all the smart ways to store garden tools. The reason why this idea is so efficient is because it helps you save a lot of space (unlike cupboards and boxes) and it displays all your tools in plain sight, thus making it easy for you to find them.

Storing tools can be quite troublesome. If someone could magically organize your tools, we are certain that you would be most grateful. You would do best to remember that the next time you are looking for last minute fathers day gifts. Since most seniors have a lot of tools, your father would definitely appreciate such a thoughtful gift. This will also give you the chance to put our organizing ideas to practice. And, if organizing your dad’s tools seems like to much trouble, gardening tools can also be great last minute father’s day gifts. After all, one can never have too many gardening tools.