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The Advantages of Using Quartz Infrared Heaters

Posted on Jun 17, 2014 in Featured

Quartz infrared heaters are designed to act in the same way like our sun does. In other words, they have the ability to heat up individuals and items that are in their reach, without heating up the air that surrounds them. That means that they can’t extract moisture from your indoor air, which is the main reason why people prefer to use them instead of other heating devices. However, this type of units shouldn’t be used to use an entire home. They have the role to help you reduce some of your heating costs by turning off your whole-house heating system and allowing your infrared heater to warm up the space that you use the most. So, these products are highly recommended for your living room, end even for your garden. Stay with us if you wish to read more about this topic.

About infrared heaters

Since quartz infrared heaters can warm up a specific area, they are ideal for open spaces. Imagine how great it would be to spend some quiet evenings outside without feeling uncomfortable and cold. You could relax with your friends and family, and you could take some time to admire your beautiful flower garden. However, there are certain aspects that might represent a downside for potential clients.

The heating elements that these products integrate feature a limited lifespan, which means that they must be replaced constantly in order for the unit to deliver the best performance. Still, most of the appliances that we¬† have in our homes incorporate parts that must be replaced at a certain point, so this shouldn’t represent such a big inconvenience.

Portable infrared heaters

Portable heaters are very popular when it comes to purchasing a product that can keep a certain space warm. Besides the fact that they can be moved from one place to another, they feature a very low power consumption. So, you should consider these cost-effective products instead of buying less efficient products.

The AURAPP15120SS Infrared Heater

The AURAPP15120SS can be used in your favorite open space, regardless the weather conditions. It comes with 8 feet of cable, and it features a stylish stainless steel design. It can be used to make spending time in your garden more pleasant, especially since its dimensions allow you to place it anywhere you want.

The Solaira Alpha Quartz Radiant Infrared Heater

This unit features a high output and a short wave warming technology. Furthermore, 92% of the energy that it consumes is instantly turned into directional heat. However, the most important thing is that the technology that it uses doesn’t allow wind to affect its performance, so wet or dry outdoor conditions can’t stop it from delivering the best operation. The Solaira Alpha Quartz Radiant Infrared Heater is perfect to use as a patio heater. Moreover, this is one of the quartz infrared heaters that feature a very quiet operation.

This are but a few of the multitude of infrared quartz heaters available on the market. If you wish to read more about other similar heaters, visit a professional heater reviews site.