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The Benefits of Cooking with a Smoker on Gas

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 in Electric Smokers

Although smoker cooking used to be much more popular in the pre-industrial society, as newer, easier methods and tools appeared, people seemed to forget about smoking foods for a while. The art was not lost however, and we still know that in the past, this was one of the most reliable ways of making meat or other foods last through the season without spoiling. Preservative qualities aside, smoking meats is also one of the most delicious ways of cooking them. The unique and tantalizing aromas and flavors, the softness and tenderness of the meat, all make it irresistible. In today’s article however, we want to tackle a more serious subject, namely the benefits of using a gas smoker.

There are various types of smokers, the most common being electric smokers and gas smokers; both have their advantages and disadvantages, but here we want to focus on cooking with a smoker on gas. Electric smokers are very good and quite easy to use as well, but some argue that gas smokers are much better because they provide a constancy of heat. Before we get to that, the first advantage that anyone can see is that gas smokers are much more dependable and malleable. Because they function on gas, they can be utilized anywhere; you don’t need a plug and electricity like with electric smokers. This means that you can take your gas smoker camping with you, or on any outdoor vacations you take.

Indeed, when cooking with a smoker on gas, you have to make sure you never forget the gas, which comes in these containers; if it seems tiresome to carry the gas container with you, then think about the fact that you’re carrying the smoker as well anyways, so it all works out well in the end. Moreover, gas can be found anywhere, so if you forget to buy some, it will definitely be available wherever you go. We were saying how gas smokers provide much better heat for smoking; in fact, they also provide you with a wider range of temperatures, so you can follow recipes with accuracy, no matter what types of meat, vegetables or cheeses you wish to smoke.

Cooking with a smoker can be a lot of fun as well, but never hard work; once you get the hang of things, you will just have to supervise the cooking process from time to time, making sure temperatures stay the same and adding more wood chips when needed. When shopping for a gas smoker, make sure it has proper insulation from the wood and charcoal, so there are no risks of uncontrollable fire or explosions. This is why building your own gas smoker is not recommended, even if some do it. You need to have serious carpentry skills and an understanding of complex systems, otherwise you could be preparing your own misfortune. All in all, we recommend that you ponder on things before choosing a type of smoker, and think of your own needs and preferences in choosing.