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Why You Need to Be a Good Square Foot Calculator

Posted on Mar 29, 2014 in Patio Furniture Sets

Knowing how to calculate square foot is one of the simplest tasks in the world, yet it has more uses than we can imagine. Thus, we consider it one of th essential skills to master in life, because it can be applied to a number of endeavors, and it can save you a lot of trouble. For instance, if you want to be a good gardener, being a good square foot calculator is essential, because it will allow you to organize your space better, to pursue certain gardening projects, such as setting up new vegetable rows, or separating a vegetable garden from a flower one.

The great thing about this ecuation is that most children learn it in school; they are just not explained clear enough how to apply it i real life, and how it can be useful. So in case your memory is a little rusty, here is how you can become a square foot calculator. For the simplest, square-shaped area, you just measure one side, which will represent both length and width; then, you just multiply the two and you’ve found the square footage of your land. For other types of rectangular areas, you need to measure both length and width, and then multiply them to find your square footage.

Things get a bit more complicated indeed when you garden has an irregular shape; what you need to do in this situation, is to break up the area in rectangular, more manageable shapes, and find the square footage for each of them; finally, you add them up and find the square footage of your garden. Of course, this can be applied to any space, such as measuring the square footage of your home. For those of you who are a bit lazy, the Internet provides you with sources for an actual square foot calculator, but the fact is you can use a simple calculator as well.

So why do you need to be a good square foot calculator? Because it will help you become a more organized gardener, and allow you to create the shapes and spaces you need in your garden. As you can see in the pictures here, you can use square foot calculations to create raised veggie or flower beds, to create a greenhouse, and basically to tell how much land you dispose of. This is essential when planting, because it allows you to determine just how many plants, flowers, or vegetables you can fit into a space without cramming them and allowing them to grow healthily and beautifully. So stop hesitating, and start putting your plans to action today!