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How to Make a Dog House from a Barrel

Posted on Oct 26, 2014 in Featured

Although pets love to spend time outdoors and play in the yard, they need a house where they can rest during hot summers and chilly nights. You don’t have to worry that you will ruin your garden’s design by adding a dog house to your yard, because you can use some great tricks that will help you maintain a nice decor. So, instead of spending money on a pricey, standard product, we advise you to try to make a dog house by yourself. That will help you save some money, but it will also offer you the satisfaction of spending your time in a productive way.

The advantages of making a dog house instead of buying it

Instead of choosing one of the expensive dog houses that are on the market, you can use your imagination to create a nice shelter for your pet. Recycling an item that you no longer use will help you obtain a practical thing from something that used to be useless. Therefore, we advise you to opt for a barrel dog house that you can customize to match your needs, but also the personality of your dog. Barrels can integrate perfectly into a garden’s design, as they are made of wood, which is the main element that we find in nature. So, you ca be confident that you will love the results of your work.

How to make a barrel dog house?

The first thing that you need to do is cut the entrance and clean the interior. You will need a marker to to sketch a half circle on one of the barrel’s ends, and you will have to use a saw to cut the entryway. Make sure that you smooth out the hole’s edges, because otherwise the rough patches resulted from the manual cut can cause injuries to your pet. If you want the bottom of the barrel to stay clean, you must drill some holes to allow waste to escape. Furthermore, you must add some holes on the sides, because that will act like windows for your pet, and it will allow fresh air to enter. Giving the circular shape of the barrel, you need to find a way to keep the barrel in place. We recommend you to use support blocks that can adhere to the barrel’s round shape, because that will help you secure the barrel, but it will also make your dog feel safe in a steady house.

How to keep the dog house comfortable?

To finish off your project, you need to add some filling materials in the barrel, and make sure that they provide the proper comfort for your dog. Adding a base of cedar chips will provide warmth for your dog, but it will also absorb moisture and odor. If you want to make your pet feel even more comfortable, we suggest you to add a blanket inside the barrel, because that will prevent the cedar chips from sticking into your pet’s fur.